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Great Tips & Tricks to move like a BOSS


The process of moving can be complicated, with many things to consider all at once. You have to think about packing, cleaning, cluttering, getting a lorry and a host of other tasks that can feel quite overwhelming at times. However, never fear, there are some great tips and tricks out there that will actually make moving fun and get you excited about the start of this new adventure in your life. Hiring a mover - What should I ask them? Professional...

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6 Quick Tips for Packing Liquids


Packing liquids is often considered one of the trickier parts of moving, but it doesn’t have to be! With a little bit of care and planning, you can avoid spills—and more importantly, you can avoid damage to your moving boxes and the belongings inside of them. Liquids spill in transport for a lot of reasons. Sometime boxes tip over or moving trucks hit a bump in the road, and sometimes things just get jostled around. If your liquids aren’t...

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The Pros and Cons of Moving


Weighing the advantages and disadvantages of moving As much as we may like for it to be, moving long distance isn’t as simple as throwing your things in the back of a car and heading out to a new place. The reality is, moving is a significant life decision that requires a lot of planning and contemplation. And whether you’re thinking of relocating for work or school, to be closer to family, or any number of other reasons, you’ll want to make...

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How to move a fridge (or freezer)


Refrigerators are large, heavy and expensive — which can be cause for concern when moving. To successfully transport one on your own, check out the steps below. Safely moving a refrigerator It’s important to be careful when moving a refrigerator. Start by looking through the appliance manual — there could be important steps that are unique for your model. (Can’t locate the manual? Check with the manufacturer or look at this resource of...

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Packing your couch for a move


Though a sofa won’t fit inside a cardboard box, there are still ways to pack one safely for a move. With just a few supplies and a few extra hands, your furniture will be ready for travel. Use the information below to learn what materials are best to use and how to wrap a couch for moving. Materials to use For leather sofas, we recommend using clean paper padding or moving blankets. These materials help protect the furniture without leaving...

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