Packing your couch for a move


Though a sofa won’t fit inside a cardboard box, there are still ways to pack one safely for a move. With just a few supplies and a few extra hands, your furniture will be ready for travel. Use the information below to learn what materials are best to use and how to wrap a couch for moving.

Materials to use

For leather sofas, we recommend using clean paper padding or moving blankets. These materials help protect the furniture without leaving scratches, stains or other damage. You can also use paper padding or moving blankets on upholstered furniture, but it may be more cost-effective to use plastic wrap. However, never use plastic wrap directly on leather because it can cause the furniture to sweat, which may ruin the finish. Other supplies to gather include packing tape, a small moving box, a plastic bag and ratchet straps/rope.

Seven steps to safely wrap and move a sofa

Use these steps when packing standard-sized couches, loveseats, large sectionals, leather and upholstered sofas:

  1. Remove accent pillows, blankets and other décor, and pack these items separately.
  2. Detach any legs and arms when necessary (especially on antique sofas) and disassemble large sectionals. Place the legs, arms and any hardware in a plastic bag, and pack these in a labeled moving box.
  3. Wrap the piece entirely, using the appropriate packaging. Leather furniture — use paper padding or moving blankets, and secure with tape or an outer layer of plastic wrap. Upholstered furniture — use paper padding, moving blankets or plastic wrap. Secure with packing tape if needed.
  4. Have at least one extra person help you carry the sofa. Stand at opposite ends, and then bend at the knees to pick up the couch.
  5. Slowly carry the couch to the moving equipment. Be careful navigating through narrow doorways and hallways — you may have to remove doors from their hinges and other household items along the path.
  6. Load the couch in the moving equipment, either horizontally or on its end. Don’t place items on the sofa during transit because it can damage the cushions and springs.
  7. Use ratchet straps or ropes to secure the furniture in place.

Need help moving your sofa?

Not sure how to get your couch to the new house? Consider Jompindah! If you’re moving oversized sectionals and many other household goods, we have a 5 Tonne lorry that will hold it all. Plus, you only pay for the  space you use! Get a free online quote or call 012-550 5021 to check out costs.

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